On all of our vapes there is a 48 hour return on products. If there is a problem with your vape please call us right away. The manufacters will only let us exchange the units for 48 hours. First try this: KEY TO A CONSISTENT HIT Step 1: Make sure battery is charged and on by pressing the button. If off, click five times to turn on. Step 2: Screw cartridge into 510 battery threading until cartridge stops. Step 3: Prime cartridge by holding button for three seconds. Step 4: Hold button for five seconds while blowing gently INTO the mouthpiece until vapor streams                      from the air holes. If cartridge is cold, repeat step 4. Step 5: Press button and inhale your Rove for three to five seconds, then exhale. Another thing to try on the glass vials is to heat them up with a lighter until the oil is runny. The cold will make the oil almost solid. Turning back into liquid will make for a smooth hard hit.