Todays Daily Specials


Special Sales

Freaky Friday MI-6 is at 40$ an 8th today only

DK Lemon 40$ for 7 G, 65$ a 1/2 OZ, and 100$ a Full OZ

Willato 50$ a 1/4, 90$ a 1/2 OZ, and 150$ for 1 OZ

Jack O Lantern THCA on Sale 40$ a Gram

Super Sale Collin's Ave 40$ an 8th, 75$ a 1/4, 130$ for a 1/2 OZ, and 250$ for the full OZ

Weekly Daily Specials:

Monday Madness all 8ths 40$

Tuesday Treat Day all Crestline, Twin Peaks, and Arrowhead orders receive a free hard candy

Waxy Wednesday All Hash Rosin 1 G at 40$ and 1/2 G at 20$

Thursday Treat Day all Running Springs, Arrowbear, and Green Valley Lake Orders receive a free hard candy

Freebe Friday all orders receive a Free pre roll

Daily specials will be reset every week and are subject to change.

For Sale prices orders placed online will be price adjusted in office before they are sent out.